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A&S Faculty Directory

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Associate Professor
Director of Peace Studies
International Security, International Cooperation, Peace Studies
1649 Patterson Office Tower
Chair and Professor - Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering
Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition
453E F. Paul Anderson Tower (FPAT)
Visiting Assistant Professor
1606 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor
political economy, economic development, African politics
1629 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
African History, African Diaspora, Atlantic History, French Empire, Women, Gender and Sexuality
1767 Patterson Office Tower
Librarian I (full professor)
African American history, Book and Library History, Gender and Women's Studies
403 M. I. King Library
(859) 257-6042
Senior Lecturer
B-08B TH Morgan Building
(859) 257-9093
Executive Director, Office for Policy Studies on Violence Against Women
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
103 Breckinridge Hall
(859) 218-2499
William J. and Nina B. Tuggle Chair in English
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century British Literature and Culture, African African American and Caribbean Literature and Culture, Postcolonial and Global Literature
1261 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emeritus, Human Geography
Director Emeritus, Indian Culture Program
Professor Emeritus, Japan Studies Program
823 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6953
MDS 325C
(859) 257-6115
Assistant Professor
Brain Injury, Concussion, Clinical Neuropsychology, Dementia, Cognitive Aging, Executive Functions, Clinical assessment methodology, Psychometrics
012D Kastle Hall
Research Faculty
CP 225
Assistant Professor of Second Language Acquisition
Interim Director of TESL MA Program
Second Language Reading and Biliteracy Development, Multilingualism, Chinese applied linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Language assessment and instruction
Office: 1471 Patterson Office Tower
Office: (859) 323-7307, Lab: (859) 257-9854, Fax: (859) 257-3743
Associate Professor
Developmental, Social, and Health
Developmental psychopathology, Family stress
202A Kastle Hall
859-257-9806, pske222
No photograph available for scave2
405B Nursing Bldg.
(859) 323-0603
Assistant Professor
Stem cell biology, Cell signaling, Cell biology, Metabolic network in cancer
201 Thomas Hunt Morgan Bldg
Assistant Professor
Executive Functions, Motivation​​​, Academic Achievement, School Transitions, Open Science
012-C Kastle Hall
Developmental, Social, and Health
Intra-negotiation, Awe, Social emotions
220A Kastle Hall
Associate Professor
375 Chemistry-Physics Building
Associate Professor of Anthropology
identity, migration, kinship, gender, Religion, Sectarianism/Confessionalism, Land, ethno-history, Conflict and its Resolution, Politics, globalization, Southwest Asia/Middle East, Kurdish Studies, the state
206 Lafferty Hall
859 257-7313
Professor of Anthropology
Director, Appalachian Studies Program
globalization, critiques of racial capitalism, interpretations of place and identity, Anthropology of Work, transnational collaborations, university-community knowledge equity
Appalachian Center, 624 Maxwelton Ct., Rm. 202
Military Science Instructor, MS III Instructor
110G Barker Hall
(859) 257-9067
Associate Professor
Anthropology of Microbes and Microbiota, Infectious Diseases, global health, Anthropology of the State, Multisensory Ethnography, Anthropology of Plants and Plant Sciences, Plant Pathology, medical anthropology, Science and Technology Studies
218 Lafferty Hall
+1 (859) 257-7312
MDS 327S
(859) 257-6115
Lecturer, Affiliate faculty member in Anthropology and Appalachian Studies, UK Lewis Honors College
Administrator, Coal Camp Documentary Project
Lewis Hall 126B
No photograph available for mko276
Visiting Scholar
Appalachian Center
Fundamental Interactions and Symmetries
CP277, CP061 (Lab), CP263 (Nuclear Lab)
859-257-4083, 859-257-6706 (Lab), 859-257-5565 (Nuclear Lab)
Nuclear Physics
CP311, CP263 (Lab)
No photograph available for rekrem2
Visiting Lecturer
829 Patterson Office Tower
Ecology, Evolutionary Biology
118 MDR3
Professor of Statistics
Professor of Biostatistics
Epidemiology, Spatial Statistics, Disease Clustering, Clinical Trials, Longitudinal data analysis
230 Center on Aging
Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement & Clinical Engagement
Room 123G Wethington Building 900 South Limestone Street Lexington, Kentucky 40536-0200
(859) 218-0593
Associate Professor
Biomass conversion
109 Chemistry-Physics Building
Assistant Professor
Digital geographies, Critical Cartography and GIS, policing, social theory, software studies, science and technology studies, social movements, urban geography
805 Patterson Office Tower
Gatton Endowed Professor, Department of Economics
Econometrics, Labor Economics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Quantile Regression
223G Gatton College of Business and Economics
(859) 257-3371
Forestry and Natural Resources Masters of Science Candidate
Restoration Ecology, herpetology, Freshwater Ecology, Wetland Ecology, Stream Ecology
123 Thomas Poe Cooper Bldg
Associate Professor in Italian Studies
Language coordinator
Women and Gender Studies, Food Studies, SLA, Autobiography Studies
1463 Patterson Office Tower
Professor of Linguistics
Director, Collaboratory for Research in Computing for Humanities
Co-Director, Linguistics Incubator for Collaborative Digital (LINCD) Research
Founder, North American Research Network in Historical Sociolinguistics (NARNiHS)
Linguistics, Historical Sociolinguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Language Contact, Dialectology, Historical Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Digital Scholarship
1663 Patterson Office Tower
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