Building a Better Society: Coping with Covid

International Village showing of "Like Father, Like Son"

Undergraduate Career Conversation Series - Editing and Publishing

POSTPONED: Breaking Barriers in Bourbon: Digital Media, Diversity, and the Black Bourbon Society

Like Father, Like Son (2013) Screening

American Sniper Screening

Goodnight Mommy Screening


A Screening of THE 24TH, and Interview with Director

From History to Hollywood: The Backstory to The Last Duel

Biology Seminar - The diversity and evolution of visual systems across the frog tree of life

Biology Seminar - Response to Rapid Environmental Change:  Consequences for Adaptation, Divergence, and Species Interactions

Promotion Talk - Circadian organization of physiology and behavior underlying obesity

Promotion Talk - Retinal development and regeneration: from genes to cells to sight

Promotion Talk - The estrogenic control of fluid intake: Lessons from the Boojum with consideration for future Snark hunts

Biology Seminar - From finding figs to stopping SARS-CoV-2: what we can learn from bat noses

First Day of Classes

2nd Annual Linguistics Homecoming

World Languages and Cultures Alumni Weekend

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