Spring 2023 courses for World Religions! Lots!

Anthropology Colloquium Series-Fall 2022

2022 Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh Lecture

Dr. William Turner - The Blues on Black Mountain: Stories from The Harlan Renaissance

How I Wrote It - A Series Celebrating Feminist Authors

"Happily Ever After? What Philosophy Can Tell Us about Getting Married and Having Kids"

"What is Life? Perspectives from Environmental Philosophy"

Cost of Sequential Adaptation

Many Mountains Fall Festival

Cornbread & Tortillas

Salsa Dancing Workshop

AppalAsians in Conversation

Malina Brothers

"The Mountain Fiesta: Bridging the Gap & Building Community in Rural Appalachia" - Documentary Film Screening & Discussion

University of Kentucky Army ROTC Alumni Breakfast

"Chilling a Biochemical Hot Potato: Stable Acyl-thioester Analogs to Study Fatty Acid & Polyketide Biosynthesis"

"Landscapes of Genomic Architecture Across Evolution"

13th Annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture: "The Vertebrate Genomes Project: Sequencing Life for a New Era in Biology"

"Defects & Doping in Metal-Organic Frameworks"

Susan A. Odom Lecture: "Advances in Polyoxovanadate-alkoxide Cluster Synthesis with Application in Nonaqueous Redox-flow Batteries"

"Resolution of Inflammation"

3rd Annual Linguistics Homecoming

World Languages and Cultures Alumni Reunion