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A&S Faculty Directory

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Professor of Sociology
Rural Sociology, Social Movements, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Agriculture and Food
1537 Patterson Office Tower
No photograph available for nrmoos2
Professor of Hispanic Studies
Contemporary Spanish Peninsular Cultural Studies
1125 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
1633 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-4234
Associate Professor
Faculty Advisor for Equity & Inclusion Initiatives (CELT)
Creative Writing, African American Literature and Culture, Postcolonial/Decolonial Studies, Women's Literature and Gender Studies, Literary Theory, African Literature & Film
1251 Patterson Office Tower
Development and Regeneration of the Vertebrate Retina
215 T.H. Morgan Building
Professor and Chair of Sociology
Race/Class/Gender, Masculinity, Children and Youth, sociology of education
1569 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
Mathematical Biology, Systems Biology, Computational Biology
771 Patterson Office Tower
APS Fellow
Associate Chair
Condensed Matter Physics
Associate Professor
Director, International Studies
Modern African History; Migration; Refugees, Border Studies; Informal Economies
1701 Patterson Office Tower
Professor of Geography
Director, Committee on Social Theory
Product certification--Organic, fairtrade, biodiversity, Political Ecology, political economy, Commodity Chains and Networks, Latin America (with emphasis on Mexico and Central America), Agrarian Studies, Marxist Cultural and Social Theory
871 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1316
Associate Professor
Director of Advising
Brazil, Latin America, Portuguese Asia, Early Modern Expansion, Cross-Cultural Encounters
1735 Patterson Office Tower
No photograph available for amnade2
William T. Bryan Professor
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature and Culture, Film, Literary Theory, Race Theory
1363 Patterson Office Tower
Professor and Chair
commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, Algebraic combinatorics
723 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor
504 Garrigus Building
Assistant Professor
cultural geography, Critical Social Theory, ethnography, Anthropology of Development, critical information studies, Science and Technology Studies, ethnography of science and technology, Cultural and Media Studies
329 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-0288
Associate Professor
Post-Kantian Phil., French Enlightenment Phil, Hist. Phil. Science, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology, feminism, Law
1425 Patterson Office Tower
1607 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
Appalachian history, the U.S. South, Environmental History
1727 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1014
Condensed Matter Physics
CP213A, CP054 (Lab)
859-257-1782, 859-323-2846 (Fax), 859-257-4796 (Lab)
No photograph available for ndng224
Senior Lecturer
705 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Topological Combinatorics, Topology and geometry, Mathematical Biology, Quantitative systems pharmacology, numerical analysis
767 Patterson Office Tower
Operations Flight Commander
AS 100/400 Instructor
161E Jacobs Science Building
(859) 257-5884
No photograph available for bnuttall
Assistant Professor
Geophysics, Mantle Convection, Fluid dynamics
108B Slone Research Building
(859) 323-4876
Sleep and Circadian Rhythms
334A T.H. Morgan Building
Associate Professor
Topology and geometry
837 Patterson Office Tower
Early Christianity; Byzantium; rhetoric
1775 Patterson Office Tower
233 Mining and Minerals Bldg
Assistant Professor of Military Science MSII Instructor
Barker Hall, Room 110D
Academic Coordinator, Senior
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Faculty Advisor, UK Clay Target Team
Composition and Rhetoric, 19th Century American Literature, American studies, Visual Rhetoric
1322 Patterson Office Tower
Endowed DiSilvestro Professor of Sociology
Associate Director, Substance Use Priority Research Area (SUPRA)
Associate Director, Center for Health Equity Transformation (CHET)
addiction health services, HIV risk behaviors and interventions, corrections, implementation science, social networks, health disparities
1531 Patterson Office Tower
18593129339, 859-323-3792
Associate Professor
Metacognition, Motivation​​​
115B T.H Morgan Building
(859) 257-9322
(859) 257-1574
Professor of Military Science
MSIV Instructor
Barker Hall, Room 107
(859) 257-7266
261D Jacobs Science Building
Sainthood in Early Islam, Islamic Authority, Social movements in Early Islam, Arabic language pedagogy, TAFL, Early Islamic Texts, Islamic Manuscript Studies
1063 Patterson Office Tower
Director of Crystallography
110 Chemistry-Physics Building
No photograph available for tmparr2
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