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Festival del Espacio 2023

Festival del Espacio 2023

The Arts & Sciences' Department of Physics and Astronomy invites local Hispanic and Latinx elementary school students from Cardinal Valley, Liberty and Maxwell elementary schools, to come explore outer space and learn about the amazing work that astronomers do! The celebration will include a fun-filled evening featuring activities, crafts, awesome speakers, and a chance to gaze into the beautiful night sky through our state-of-the-art space telescope housed inside UK's MacAdam Observatory. And to top it off, there will be free tacos, snacks and drinks! 

Jacob's Science Building

Stargazing at MacAdam Observatory with Tim Knauer

The University of Kentucky's own MacAdam Observatory provides students with the opportunity to use the most powerful telescopic lenses on campus and see the universe. On clear nights, students are welcome to join director Tim Knauer and his graduate assistants as they look out into the stars and observe those celestial bodies.

Here, Tim and assistants Kyle and Aaron join us to talk about running the observatory and their experiences there.

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