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Working Group on War and Gender Symposium petrone

Session 3: 9:00 – 10:45


Rochelle Davis, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University


"Gendered Vulnerability and Forced Conscription in the War in Syria"


Moderator: Anahid Matossian, Department of Anthropology

Discussants: Diane King and Kristin Monroe, Department of Anthropology


Session 4: 11:00 – 12:30


Concluding Forum and Discussion

Moderator: Srimati Basu, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies

West End Room, 18th Floor, Patterson Office Tower
Working Group on War and Gender Symposium petrone

Session 1: 3:30 – 5:15


Purnima Bose, Associate Professor of English, Indiana University


"The Capitalist-Rescue Narrative and the War on Terror"


Moderator:  Amy Murrell Taylor, Department of History

Discussant, Francie Chassen-Lopez, Department of History

Session 2:  5:30- 7:15


Sue Grayzel, Professor of History and Director of the Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies, University of Mississippi


 "All are Now in the Line of Fire:" Gender and the Defence of Civilian Bodies in the Interwar British Empire


Moderator: Carmen Moreno-Nuño, Department of Hispanic Studies

Discussant: Pearl James, Department of English


W.T. Young Library Multipurpose Room B 108C
What's New in Science - What are actual gender differences?

What's New in Science Christia Brown

Part 2 of 4: This segment includes a discussion of actual gender differences. We examine 3 of the most common gender difference myths. This is followed by discussion of where true gender differences exist (in terms of biology, behavior, and psychology) and how these differences may vary based on context and experience.

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