A&S from Anywhere Virtual Speaker Series

Black Studies: Where are we Going From Here

We cannot understand where humanity has been and where we are going without Black Studies.

The newly established Commonwealth Institute for Black Studies is a multidisciplinary institute that is a think tank for Black Studies research, including issues of race and racism. Housed in the College of Arts & Sciences' African American and Africana Studies (AAAS) program, the multidisciplinary institute will establish research clusters across campus and promote UK's growing research and scholarship on topics of importance to global and local histories, such as race in the Americas, African cultures and global impact of Black people from antiquity to the future. Many of the research clusters are concerned with conceptions of race in the future, contemporary conceptions of race, slavery and the quest for freedom, the long legacy of racial discrimination and violence including the struggle for civil rights.

Join Anastasia Curwood, history professor and director of the AAAS program, and DaMaris Hill, English professor and interim director of the AAAS program through spring 2021, in conversation with A&S Interim Dean Christian Brady as they discuss immediate and long-term plans for the Institute.

2021: New Year, New Mindset

Changing the calendar can mean changing the way you see your life. People setting exercise, nutrition, and mental health goals often need to look at things in a new light to motivate change and growth. Join a discussion with three UK experts who will share tips on:

  • Smart goal-setting
  • Avoiding comparisons with others
  • Cultivating well-being
  • Finding support in your community
  • Healthy eating made simple
  • Staying active at work and home

Interim A&S Dean Christian Brady will explore these topics focused on starting the new year with positivity and confidence with:

  • Shannon Sauer-Zavala, psychology professor in A&S
  • Carrie Davidson, exercise specialist and fitness facilities manager with UK Health and Wellness
  • Karen McNees, a registered dietitian with UK Health and Wellness


Racism and Injustice in Lexington: The Challenges of Working Towards Racial Justice and Equality

This session will examine Lexington's racial past, present and future from the perspective of a native son. Professor Gerald Smith grew up in the East End neighborhood, graduated from Henry Clay High School, and attended the University of Kentucky from 1977-1988. He joined the UK faculty in the Department of History in 1993. As co-chair of Mayor Linda Gorton's recently formed Commission for Racial Justice and Equality in Fayette County, he will discuss the challenges and opportunities in his hometown, in conversation with A&S Interim Dean Christian Brady.

Happy Holidays - How to Cope in a COVID World

Kate Leger, psychology professor, and Sharon Martin, staff psychologist at UK's Counseling Center, with A&S Interim Dean Christian Brady

Join Kate Leger, professor in the A&S Department of Psychology, and Sharon Martin, staff psychologist at UK's Counseling Center, in conversation with A&S Interim Dean Christian Brady as they look at the impact of the pandemic on our emotions, especially during the upcoming holidays.

With COVID-19 continuing to affect our lives, this discussion will focus on why the pandemic has been so harmful to our emotional health and well-being and how many of our normal coping strategies are no longer possible. As many deal with multiple layers of grief this holiday season, we will look at strategies to reduce negative emotions and maintain happiness during these unusual times.  


Election 2020: Is American Democracy at Risk?

Join A&S political scientists Emily Bacchus, Stephen Voss, Michael Zilis, and Clayton Thyne, chair of the Political Science Department, as they discuss hot topics in the upcoming 2020 election, including: What are the electoral implications for the Supreme Court? Will the Senate flip? Will the question of a legitimate election cause unprecedented chaos? How are political protests playing a part? These questions and many more will be addressed as we look at the rise of contentious and sometimes violent street politics, a partisan battle over the judiciary, and a variety of longstanding legislative norms collapsing in the face of ideological polarization.

Sports, Social Justice, and COVID-19

Derrick White, professor in the UK History Department and African American and Africa Studies Program, and Amira Rose Davis, professor of History and African American Studies at The Pennsylvania State University, in conversation with A&S Interim Dean Christian Brady will examine how the intersection of COVID-19 and social justice made college and professional sports a site of activism and protest. The panelists will also discuss how it connects to a longer history of athletic activism. 

The Future of A&S at UK: A Conversation With Interim Dean Christian Brady

Join A&S Interim Dean Christian Brady in conversation with Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs Anna Bosch (Linguistics) on Thursday, Sept. 24, at 12:30 p.m., as he discusses his background and research interests, impression of Lexington and the University, and hopes for the College of Arts & Sciences over the coming year. Dean Brady will also provide updates on the search for a new dean of the College.

Straight From The Students

What are college students really thinking as they return to campus? Join A&S Dean Mark Kornbluh in conversation with four College of Arts & Sciences students as they return to UK's campus for the Fall 2020 semester. The students will discuss their expectations, concerns and questions as they continue their education during a pandemic. 

An Update on COVID-19 From A&S Scientists

Join Dr. Vincent Cassone, chair of the Biology Department, and Dr. Mark Prendergast, director of the Neuroscience Program, in conversation with A&S Dean Mark Kornbluh about the most recent COVID-19 research. The discussion will include what we know about the spread of the virus, protective measures to limit its spread, and strategies for vaccines. Hear the latest information on testing and masks.

Humanities and Social Sciences in the Age of Crisis

In conversation with A&S Dean Mark Kornbluh, Karen Petrone, professor of history and director of the newly launched College of Arts & Science’s Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences, along with Kristin Monroe, associate professor of anthropology, will discuss the state and value of the humanities and social sciences in a time of crisis and social change.


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