Staff Council



The College of Arts and Sciences Staff Council shall serve

1) as an advisory and consulting group for the Dean and

2) as spokespersons for the concerns and interests of the College's staff members with the unified objective of improving the educational and working environment of the College and the University as a whole. 


Want to know more? Considering joining the Council?

If you are interested in serving on the council, please let any current council member know!  We would love to have you sit in on a meeting, see what we're working on, and more!


Current Members:

Alycia Sullivan (Council Vice-Chair)
Administrative Services Assistant 
275 Patterson Office Tower
Suann Reese (Secretary)
Department Manager, Physics & Astronomy
177 Chemistry Physics Building
Emily Cheatham (Member)
Department Manager, Chemistry
125 Chemistry Physics Building
Melissa Cowan (Member)
Grant and Program Coordinator
267 Patterson Office Tower
Christopher Crutchfield (Member)
Academic Advisor
327 Patterson Office Tower
Katia Davis (Member)
Department Manager, Linguistics 
1601 Patterson Office Tower
Andrew Fast (Member)
Academic Advisor
317 Patterson Office Tower
Kyle Manley (Member)
Academic Advisor
331 Patterson Office Tower
Chris Miller (Member)
Academic Advisor 
373 Patterson Office Tower
Phyllis Nally (Member)
Academic Advisor, Pre-Health Professions
325 Patterson Office Tower
Miguel Prieto-Valle (Member)
Academic Advisor
313 Patterson Office Tower
Joe Wiley (Member)
Administrative Staff Officer
265 Patterson Office Tower
Christian Brady (Executive Officer)
Interim Dean, College of Arts & Sciences