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601 Seminar | "Long-distance Relationships in the Control of Gene Regulation During Development, Disease, and Evolution"

THM 116
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Dr. Francois Spitz | Faculty Host: Dr. Jeramiah Smith

SelfieDr. Francois Spitz | Spitz Lab


PhD from Université Paris 6 (France)

Group Leader at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (2006-2015) (Heidelberg, Germany)

Head of Research Unit at the Institut Pasteur (2015-2019) (Paris, France)

Professor, The University of Chicago (2019-.)


The mechanisms that regulate the efficiency and specificity of interactions between distant genes and cis-regulatory elements such as enhancers play a central role in shaping the specific regulatory programs that control cell fate and identity. In particular, the (epi)genetic elements that organize the 3D folding of the genome in specific loops and domains have emerged as key determinants of this process. I will discuss our current views on how 3D genome architecture is organized, how it influences gene regulatory interactions and illustrate how alterations of the mechanisms and elements that organize genomes in 3D could contribute to genomic disorders and genome evolution.

Spitz_Flyer.pdf (103.18 KB)