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Past Events

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Speaker(s) / Presenter(s) Date
Linguistics Colloquium Series Dr. Kevin McGowan -
Linguistics Colloquium Series Drs. Daniel Kaufman and Raphael Finkel -
Linguistics Colloquium Series Dr. Stephen Fafulas (U. of Mississippi) -
Colloquium Speaker: Anissa Neal Anissa Neal, PhD Candidate, University of Massachusetts -
Colloquium Speaker: Dr. Katie Carmichael Dr. Katie Carmichael, Virginia Tech -
3rd Annual Linguistics Homecoming Dr. Kelly Wright -
NWAV Practice Talks Multiple -
Postponed: Colloquium Speaker: Dr. Kevin McGowan Dr. Kevin McGowan, University of Kentucky -
Colloquium Speaker: Dr. Kelly Berkson Dr. Kelly Berkson, Indiana University -
Colloquium Speaker Pedro Mateo Pedro -
Colloquium Speaker: Dr. Erica Britt Dr. Erica Britt, University of Michigan-Flint -
Interactions Across Hawaiian Valency Morphology David J. Medeiros -
CANCELLED: Language Diversity in Educational Settings Stephany Dunstan, North Carolina State University -
CANCELED: Middle Class AAE and the Language of Double Consciousness: A Personal Account Tracey Weldon (U of South Carolina) -
CANCELED: Colloquium Speaker Riccardo Ginevra (Harvard University, Center for Hellenic Studies) -
Colloquium Speaker Series Robert Englebretson (Rice University) -
Colloquium Speaker Series Jessi Grieser (University of Tennessee-Knoxville) -
Year of Equity Series: Linguists often talk the talk but how can we also walk the walk Robin Queen (U of Michigan) -
Colloquium Series: "Can one language be ‘more complex’ than another?” Frederick Newmeyer (Professor Emeritus, University of Washington; Adjunct Professor, U of British Columbia and Simon Fraser) -
Colloquium Speaker Series Tamara Warhol (U of Mississippi) -
Colloquium Speaker Series Abby Walker (Virginia Tech) -
Colloquium Speaker Series: An Overview of the Miami-Illinois Language David Costa (Miami University-Ohio) -
Seminar Series: The American Linguistic Atlas Project: Past and Present Dr. William Kretzschmar -
Growing Your Elative: Linguistic Seminar Series Dieter Gunkel -
Linguistics seminar series: Patrice Speeter Beddor Patrice Speeter Beddor -