Calendar - Passport to the World

"Sepharad at the tip of Africa" - Pre-kick off events

"Sepharad at the tip of Africa" - Pre-Kick Off Event

"Kosher/Soul? Black-Jewish Identity Cooking"

Modern Islamic Art and its sources in the Middle East

Start-Up Army: Military Entreprenuers and the Evolution of Israel's Special Operations Forces

“The Lebanese Community of Mexico and the Development of Mexican Film"

“Crossroads and Caravans: Ceramics in the Islamic World"

The "Arab Spring" in Social Media: Possibilities and Perils in a Networked Age

“Messy Little Wars: U.S. Approaches to Iraq since 1990.”

"Pilgrimage in a Tourist Age: The Case of Birthright Israel and the Shaping of Jewish Identity"

UK Art Museum opening of the exhibit "Containing Culture: Art of the Middle East"

"How US Policy on Palestine Contributes to the Impasse."

“Islamist Thought and the Egyptian Revolution”

“Democracy at Risk Around the World” with Amaney Jamal; co-sponsored by QPSIR

The Significance of Being First; Competing: Jewish and Arab Discourses

"Sleepless Nights/Wasted Time: Seeking Islam in Egypt's Hollywood"

"My Father’s Paradise: How a Jewish Kid from Los Angeles Traveled to Wartime Iraq in Search of Roots, Identity and His Father's Improbable Life Story "

"The Israelite Samaritan Today: Past, Present and Looking to the Future."

"Religion, Identity and Competing Visions of Islam in Post-Soviet Central Asia"

Tanya Habjouqa, Palestinian Photography

Yousif Sheronik “Percussion of the Middle East”

“The Arab Spring: The Youth Revolts of the Arab World Aren't Over

“The Arab World and American Democracy”

Religion, Identity and Competing Visions of Islam in Post-Soviet Central Asia

Mina Yazdani “Religious Diversity in Iran”

Katherine Bullock “Women and Islam”

Claudia Roden "Gefilte Fish and Couscous"

“The Street is Ours”: Beirut Graffiti and the Art of Beautification, Commemoration & Social Critique."


Year of Europe Film Screening: The Class (France)

Europe and Global Food Security

Year of Europe Film Screening: The City Below (Germany/France)

Gender and War- Invisible Heroes: Women in World War One, the Case of Romania

Year of Europe Film Screening: An Unforgettable Summer (Romania)

"The Greek Crisis and the Failure of the (European) Left"

Business and Economic Relationships between the U.S and Germany

Year of Europe Film Series: Pretty Village (England/Bosnia)

Italian Populism in Comparative Perspective

Making a Revolution in Ireland: Some Centenary Thoughts

Opera, Politics, and Parody in Nineteenth Century France

Year of Europe Film Series: Once (Ireland/Czech Republic)

Year of Europe Film Series: Soul Kitchen (Germany)

Europe in Our Lives: Faculty Panel Discussion

Year of Europe Film Series: Biutiful (Spain/Mexico)

Bale Boone Symposium: Violence, Memory and the Sacred: The Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust

Bale Boone Symposium: Europe Today and the Memory of Violence

Roma Forestiera: Migrant Music in Rome / Screening and discussion of the film, Matewan

Year of Europe Film Series: In This World (England/Italy/Pakistan)

Concert: Lassatil Abballari

A Global History of Ecology in Norway

Year of Europe Film Series: Dirty Pretty Things (England)

Gender, Immigration, Labor Markets, and the Welfare State in Contemporary Europe

Cloistered Women's Voices Symposium and Concert

Translated from the English

Year of Europe Film Series: Le Havre (Finland/France)

Victor Hammer Biennial Lecture on the Book Arts “The Purpose of Praise: Extending the Tradition of Irish Literary Publishing”

Interactive Discussion: "The Teatro del Barrio of Lavapiés and the Cultural Economy of Post-Crisis Madrid"

Eurovision Song Contest: A European Festival of Camp Culture

Dinosaurs & Reptile Evolution in the Indian Subcontinent/HIKE

Disreputable Cuisine: Street Foods and Unrecognizable Edibles from South Asia

Imperial Incarcerations: Prisoners in the Russian and British Empires

The Role of Business in Bringing about Social Change

Film Series: Masaan (India, 2015)

"Jamming" Beauty's Color Line: Parodies and Spoofs of Indian Advertising

Dhaka to Cincinnati: Mapping Transnational Narratives of Trauma, Violence, and Agency

Film Series--The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015)

Film Series: The Clay Bird (Bangladesh, 2012)

Bahas: A Discussion about Identity and Religion in South Asia with Filmmaker Catherine Masud

Courtesans, Bar Girls and Dancing Boys: Illicit Worlds of Indian Dance

From Muslim Refugees to Islamist Militants: Violated Bodies and Sovereign Territory in the Kashmir Jihad

Film Series: Court (India, 2014)

Film Series: Monsoon Wedding (India, 2001)

Half a Century in the Himalayas

"A Visual History of Latino Students at the University of Kentucky, 1865-2019"

Inclusive Community Lunch Series (Unconscioius/Implicit Bias)

Race, Identity, and Equity in the Americas (in the Classroom and Beyond) Mini-Symposium

"The Uses of Blackness in Yugoslavia: Dimensions and Legacies of an Idea"

"I Don't Have Time for Drama:" Network Avoidance as a Trouble Management in a High-Reentry Neighborhood

Take Root: A Reproductive Justice Panel

Beyond the Cosmic Race: Latinequis in the United States

50 Years of Black Voices Brunch

Inclusive Community Lunch Series (Microaggressions)

Written in Stone: American Monuments and Monument Protection Laws (The Kentucky Law Journal Symposium)

Inclusive Community Lunch Series (Having Difficult Conversations)

Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame Celebration

Digital In/Equalities Speaker Series: "'‘What Is Remembered Lives': The Spatio-Temporal Disruption Of Archiving Aids On Instagram"

Digital In/Equalities Speaker Series: "Glitchy Vignettes of Platform Urbanism"

“Panoramas, Periodicals, and Nineteenth-Century Commemoration.”

Inclusive Community Lunch Series (How to be an Ally?)

Africana Saturday School, Double Lecture Series

Inclusive Community Lunch Series

"Pulling from the headline: poems written after media" Interactive poetry workshop

Universities and the Legacies of Slavery

Anthropology Graduate Student Association Distinguished Lecture Series

Beyond Inclusion: Enhancing Equity in Learning Spaces

Inclusive Community Lunch Series

#CarefreeBlackGirls?: Creating On-Line Community as a Means of Survival

“Honor Thy Mother & Father: Making the Case for a New Vision”

Distress Signals: Obama Lore and the New Normal

Dimensions of Political Ecology Keynote Address

Movements for National Liberation in the Black Diaspora

Black Women, Incarceration, and Civic Agency

“Drugs, Politics, and Pariahs: Or, How to Think Historically About Race and Harm Reduction in an Opioid Epidemic”

CANCELLED- "Mixed Mesophytic Nation: Pathways to Citizenship" Panel at the Appalachian Studies Association Conference

CANCELLED- "Black Appalachian Women: Testimonies, Environmental Justice, and Historical Reparations" Panel at the Appalachian Studies Association Conference

CANCELLED Digital In/Equalities Speaker Series

CANCELLED An Evening With Walter Mosley

CANCELLED - “Do You: Developing Black Masculinity in Racist Spaces,” and “You LOOK Just Like Yo Daddy: Fatherhood as a Vision and Social Determinant of BMoC”