Colloquium: Charge Transport in Organic Materials and Devices

Dr. Oana Jurchescu 
Wake Forest University

Charge Transport in Organic Materials and Devices 

Organic semiconductors are becoming increasingly attractive given their solution processability, which allows for low-cost production on flexible media like paper, plastic, or textiles. But in spite of these advantages, the complexity of film formation resulting from solution growth processes makes it challenging to control the device performance in a reliable way. In this talk I will discuss the growth, structure, and electronic properties of functionalized pentacene and anthradithiophene organic thin-film transistors deposited by scalable solution deposition methods, such as spray deposition or vibration-assisted crystrallization. The results will be compared with those obtained in single crystal devices and several approaches to improve film quality and device performance will be presented. The effect of processing parameters on charge carrier mobilities, on/off ratios and interfacial trap densities will be detailed. Transitioning from mono-mulecular crystals to multi-component materials, such as the organic charge transfer complexes, which are combinations of charge donating (D) and charge accepting (A), I will show examples on how novel functionalities can emerge from D/A intermolecular interactions.