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  • Professor (emeritus) of Earth Surface Systems
  • Geography
816 Shippoint Ave., New Bern, NC. 28560
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Other Affiliations:
  • Tobacco Road Research Team
  • New Disciples of Soil
  • Blue Cats Research Group (Czech Republic)
  • East Carolina University

Jonathan Phillips

Research Interests:
Fluvial & soil geomorphology, Earth system science, nonlinear dynamical systems

Since retiring from U.K. at the end of 2020, Phillips pilots his battered 2010 Honda Civic between Croatan, North Carolina (retirement home), Lexington, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, home of grandchildren Caroline & Andy (and their parents). When not kayaking through the swamps and marshes, ambling through the forest, idling on the beach, or playing with the grandkids, he spends his time drinking beer, fishing, lounging in the hammock, and going to the gym. 

Research and writing continues (at a leisurely pace), mostly in the form of fieldwork in eastern N.C. connected with the activities mentioned above, or screen time on the computer when the weather is bad, the grandkids are in school, or stuck in the city.