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Kieran D. O'Hara


Ph. D. Geological Sciences, Brown University; M. S. Geological Sciences, Brown University; B. Sc. Geology, University College, Dublin, Ireland.


Since retiring in 2011 I have kept myself busy in writing. The first edition of an introductory college textbook entitled "Earth Resources and Environmental Impacts" was published in early 2014 by Wiley. This book is designed for science and non science majors and places an emphasis on the environmental impacts of resource extraction and use. The link to the left provides more information on the textbook.

I have also recently published a book for a general audience entitled "Cave Art and Climate Change"  by Archway publishing, 2014. This book examines how the late Pleistocene climate determined the animals that the Upper Paleolithic hunter-gatherers painted and how the animals depicted accurately reflect that climate. This is likely to be controversial. More information on this book is provided in the link to the left. 

A book entitled "A Brief History of Geology" authored by myself was published by Cambridge Press in March of 2018.The link to the left provides more information.  

A new book, published by Elsevier, entitled "Climate Change in the Anthropocene" has been published in 2022.


Selected Publications:
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