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Transnational Lives with Nina Glick-Schiller

Connecting with people from around the world is much easier now than it has ever been before. With the internet, phones, and fast travel, we can build relationships and networks in new ways - breaking through the barriers of national boundaries. This development of relationships and their influence despite national borders is known as transnationalism, a social phenomenon that we will be focusing on throughout a four part series.

May Day Reflections on Aluminum Workers in Indiana


Drawing on fieldwork that begun in the US heartland in the world-changing year of 1989, when the fall of the Berlin Wall dramatically ended the long epoch of the Cold War, this paper attempts to demonstrate a long historical view of labor struggles within this ethnographic context.

Sponsored by the Department of Anthropology, University of Kentucky


Lafferty Hall Rm. 213

Workshop on Publishing

Want to learn insider tips and strategies for publishing in top tier journals? 
Want to hear what editors are concerned with when evaluating an article for 
publication? Just want to gain greater understanding of the scholarly 
publishing process? 
If so, come to the….
Thursday April 9, 5:00-6:15pm, UK Student Center 211.

Women & Peacebuilding: Lessons From Post-Genocide Rwanda


In the aftermath of the 1994 genocide, Rwandan women faced the impossible—resurrecting their lives amidst unthinkable devastation in a society torn by genocide. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork in Rwanda over the past 18 years, anthropologist Jennie Burnet explores the lessons learned from women’s roles in peacebuilding in Rwanda.

Lafferty Hall, Room 213
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