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Another blog about Facebook? ugh.


University of Kentucky, B.A. Media Arts & Studies, Spanish - 2011



Bachelor of Arts, Media Arts and Studies, Spanish - University of Kentucky 2011


Jonathan is a 22-year old college graduate and an avid music lover. In his quest to become bilingual, Jonathan was fortunate to spend a semester studying in Granada, Spain and since has developed a passion and longing for traveling and gaining cultural perspective. Jonathan devotes his spare time to cooking and playing music with local rock trio, Sundown Service. 

Submitted by jlbeam4 on Wed, 07/20/2011 - 03:35 pm

Yes....this is probably another blogpost that rants and raves about Facebook, but hear me out. Some of what I do here at the College of Arts & Sciences involves managing social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Flickr. With that, I have come to see social media's constantly growing potential and powers as it spreads like wildfire all over the Internet. Think about it. While many of us complain about the woes of Facebook and the tendency for us to become distracted and even consumed by it, I believe it to have unlimited potential for evolving forms of social interaction. It's already changing social ettiquete. Remember a few years ago when your professor might have said "...and I am on Facebook." and you thought that was weird? It's becoming commonplace and almost expected now. Consuming news media has shifted from reading a physical newspaper, to reading an online version, and now, many people stay informed by subscribing to various Twitter profiles and receiving updates via their twitter feed.

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