SheepCamp 2012, Monica Stephens

Monica Stephens presents on Guns, Germans, and Stripclubs the Fates of OpenStreetMap with No Respect to Jared Diamond from Humboldt State University

SheepCamp 2012, Taylor Shelton

Taylor Shelton presents on From Online Politics to User-Generated Political Geographies from the University of Kentucky

SheepCamp 2012, Alexander Savelyev

Alexander Savelyev presents on Analysis of Methods for Representing and Interacting with Qualitative Geographic Information from Pennsylvania State University

SheepCamp 2012, Matt Moehr

Matt Moehr presents on Digitagging and User Generated Data from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

SheepCamp 2012, Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson presents on Beyond Counting Sheep Working with Big and User Generated Geographic Data from the University of Kentucky

SheepCamp 2012, Kristen Grady

Kristen Grady presents on Mapping Emotion and Experience (on the GeoWeb?) from University of New York City

SheepCamp 2012, Matt Zook

Matt Zook presents on Mapping Zombies: A Guide for Digital Pre-Apocalyptic Analysis and Post-Apocalyptic Survival from the University of Kentucky

SheepCamp 2012, Jonathan Rush

Jonathan Rush presents on the Reports of the Death of Distance Have Been Greatly Exaggerated But it Might be a Zombie from Ohio State University

SheepCamp 2012, Derek Watkins

Derek Watkins presents on Mapping the Digital Facets of Place from University of Oregon

SheepCamp 2012, Alan McConchie

Alan McConchie presents on Countermapping DigiPlace and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics from University of British Columbia - Vancouver
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