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Faculty & Staff Resources / Education Policy Committee / Instructions for Submissions of Proposals

Instructions for Submissions of Proposals


Course and program proposals are submitted through Curriculog.  Detailed instructions on how to submit course proposals may be found on the Univesity Senate webpage.  Additional documents required for program proposals can be found on the Univeristy Senate webpage.

If you are proposing an on-line option for a new or existing course, please have a prelinimary email exchange with your department chair and Clayton Thyne, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, prior to online submission. 


Temporary courses for one semester may be offered under the A&S 100 or 300 or 500 prefix.  Please complete the A&S experimental course webform for approval to offer an A&S prefix course for one semester. To offer a UK Core experimental course, you will need to completet he paperwork found on the UKCEC webpage.  That paperwork should be approved by you department chair and then forwarded to Clayton Thyne, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (cc