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A&S Faculty Directory

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Associate Professor of Sociology
Director of Graduate Studies
Faculty Affiliate, Center for Equality and Social Justice
Global Criminology, Violence Against Women, Political Sociology, Quantitative Methods
1571 Patterson Office Tower
No photograph available for cstamper
Extension Field Programs
130 Robinson Road, Jackson, KY
(859) 351-7510
Associate Professor
algebraic topology, homotopy theory
765 Patterson Office Tower
161D Academic Science Building
Associate Professor, Gender and Women's Studies
206 Breckinridge Hall
Associate Professor
Condensed Matter Physics
CP279, CP154 (Lab)
859-257-3143, 859-257-2511 (Lab)
211 Reynolds Building
Professor, APS Fellow
Condensed Matter Physics
Chem-Phys 285
859-257-3197 (email is better)
Allen-Anderson Endowed Professor of Statistics
Statistical Bioinformatics
305C Multidisciplinary Science Building
Assistant Professor of Architecture
Community Engaged Design, climate justice, Abandoned Mine Lands, Supply Chains, Climate Resilient Design
117 Pence Hall
(859) 323-2747
Assistant Professor
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Blazer Dining, 343 Martin Luther King Blvd., BL340
Thomas D. Clark Professorship
19th century US history; political history; political cartoons
1729 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Affiliate, Linguistics Department
Philosophy of Language, Aesthetics, Metaphysics
1435 Patterson Office Tower
Ethics, Metaethics, normative ethics, Moral Psychology, action theory, feminist philosophy
1433 Patterson Office Tower
Professor of Spanish Linguistics
Co-Director of ALGR (Atlas Lingüístico Guaraní-Románico)
Professor at Middlebury Language School Summer 2010
Professor at Middlebury Language School (Buenos Aires) Summer 2012-today
Invited scholar at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece (March 2017)
Invited scholar at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
Executive Director of KFLC
Hispanic Linguistics, Spanish and Portuguese in South America (Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil), Judaeo-Spanish, Language Contact, Eurovision Song Contest and Language Use
1129 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
Modern Japanese History, gender, War and Memory, Visual Culture, Asian American History
1733 Patterson Office Tower
Professor of Sociology
Sociology of Agriculture and Food, Sociology of Science and Technology, Sociology of Development, East Asian Studies, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, International Development, Community Food Security
704 Garrigus Building
(859) 257-7574, (859) 351-9252
Assistant Professor of Japan Studies
Japanese Language Program Coodinator
L2 Pedagogy, Second Language Acquisition, Computer-assisted Language Learning, Corpus Linguistics, Pragmatics, Discourse Markers
1467 Patterson Office Tower
T. Marshall Hahn Jr. Professor
19th Century U.S. South, Civil War and Reconstruction, slavery and emancipation, Race and Gender, Public History
1703 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
1737 Patterson Office Tower
1322 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Cognitive Psychology in Education, Nucleic Acid Structure and Function, chemical education, Eye Tracking Technology
161-F Jacobs Science Building
859-257-7076, 859-323-9634
Associate Professor
Structure, Computational Geomechanics, Basin and Mountain Belt Geodynamics
103 Slone Building
(859) 218-1532
No photograph available for ath279
Research Program Manager, Power Generation Research Group (CAER)
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry
ACS Lexington Section Chair - 2022
Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Mass spectrometry, CO2 Capture and Utilization, Biomimetic catalysis
CAER Lab #1 Room 135a
Associate Professor of Statistics
Director of Graduate Studies
Predictive Modeling in Big Data, Statistical Genetics; Phylogenetics, Healthcare Claims Data Analysis
303 Multidisciplinary Science Building, 725 Rose Street
Civil wars, coups d'etat
1625 Patterson Office Tower
Professor, Gender and Women's Studies
211 Breckinridge Hall
(859) 257-7976
Research Geologist IV, Kentucky Geological Survey
308 Mining and Mineral Resources
(859) 323-0526
Assistant Professor, Gender and Women's Studies
Feminist Disability Studies, Affect Theory, Girlhood Studies, Crip Theory, Media and Cultural Studies
207 Breckinridge Hall
Associate Professor
analysis and partial differential equations
749 Patterson Tower
Guy M. Davenport Professor in English
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature and Culture, Women's Literature and Gender Studies, Literature and Philosophy, Animal Studies, Ecocriticism
1263 Patterson Office Tower
Senior Lecturer
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Blazer Dining, 343 Martin Luther King Blvd., BL335
Associate Professor
Neo-Latin Novels, Latin Fiction, Literary Studies
1473 Patterson Office Tower
Director of the UK Institute for Latin Studies
Latin Literature, Renaissance Studies, Latin Pedagogy and Active Latin
1019 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor of Geography
Geomorphology, weathering, stone decay, biogeomorphology
873 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-9682
Associate Professor
Sociocultural Anthropology; Gender; Cultural Property & Heritage Ethics., Global traffic in non-Western cultural property; cultural identity politics & anthropological ethics., Expressions of gender in culture and society, ideology, symbolism, kinship and social organization; Indigenous women’s organizations.
210 Lafferty Hall
859 257-6919
Associate Professor
N-122T Agricultural Science Center
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