Directors of Undergraduate Studies

Each department and program has a director of undergraduate studies (DUS) whose primary responsibility is to focus on the academic and intellectual development of declared majors and the undergraduate curriculum.

The 2021-22 DUS meetings are scheduled at 12:30pm on the following Tuesdays: September 14, 2021; October 12, 2021; November 16, 2021; December 7, 2021; January 18, 2022; February 1, 2022; March 1, 2022; and April 12, 2022. It is requested that a faculty department representative attend when the DUS is unable to meet.

For more information view the DUS Dashboard.

Department or Program*



African American and Africana Studies Derrick White
Anthropology Juliana McDonald
Appalachian Studies Ann Kingsolver
Biology Kay Shenoy
Chemistry Stephen Testa
Earth & Environmental Sciences

Alan Fryar
Economics Darshak Patel
English Michelle Sizemore
Environmental & Sustainability Studies Tony Stallins
Foreign Language & International Economics Jianjun He
Gender & Women's Studies Melissa Stein
Geography Matt Wilson
Health Society Pop. Melissa Stein

Hispanic Studies Heather Campbell-Speltz

History Melanie Goan

International Studies Emily Beaulieu
Liberal Studies Josh Abboud
Linguistics Kevin McGowan
Mathematical Economics Adib Bagh
Mathematics Alberto Corso
MCLLC/Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Russian Julie Human
Neuroscience Lynda Sharrett-Field
Philosophy Stefan Bird-Pollan
Physics & Astronomy Ron Wilhelm
Political Science Jesse Johnson
Psychology Ray Archer
Sociology Jordan Brown
Statistics Melissa Pittard
Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Media Michael Pennell
US Culture and Business Practices Andy Doolen