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Daniela Contreras Pérez-Sosa

Daniela Contreras Pérez-Sosa (Venezuela)
PhD Candidate in Hispanic Studies

Daniela is researching the journals of women and traveling nuns of the 19th century. "Growing up in Latin America allowed me through education at school to be exposed to the best and greatest writers of Hispanic literature, as well as culture and art," she said. "I believe that my interest in Hispanic Studies developed during my undergraduate career in Caracas."

Daniela hopes to work in academia as a professor and be able to provide her students with the knowledge that has been so influential to her academic and professional development. "I chose UK because I wanted to work with Dr. Mónica Díaz and Dr. Anara Rueda in the area of autobiography, conventual writing and the literature of traveling women," Daniela said. "Some of the most important reasons behind my selection of UK were the different classes offered by the department, as well as the opportunity to take classes in other departments such as History and Gender & Women's Studies ... also the opportunities we have as Teaching Assistants to teach different classes, which prepares us better for the job market."

She is grateful for her involvement in many of UK's campus services and programs designed to guide and assist students, including the VIP Center, the Graduate Student Congress, Big Blue Pantry, the Office for Institutional Diversity, the Counseling Center, the Academic Ombudsman and the Disability Resource Center. She firmly believes that being in contact with these groups has made her feel part of the UK community, as well as endowed her with an understanding of her right and her duty to use her voice for herself and others.

Daniela holds a master's from the University of Notre Dame and a bachelor's from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, Venezuela.