Students Build Community Through UK's Expanded Living Learning Program Video producted by UK Public Relations and Marketing. To view captions for...
Expanding Our Living Learning Programs Dear Colleagues, Last fall marked the 25th year of the UK Living Learning...
Peer Mentors: The Heart of the Living Learning Program by Andrea Richard (Nov. 12, 2013) —  Designed to offer students an opportunity...
A&S Wired: A Living Learning Program for Education in the Digital Age by Sarah Geegan Students of the 21st century are digital natives; they have...
Students Live & Learn at UK   video from UK Public Relations and Marketing article by Gail Hairston There’...
Global Initiative - MeNore Lake By Ellyce Loveless Few students have the kind of passion for world news that...
09/03/14 Last Day to Add a Class for Fall 2014 September 3 - Wednesday - Last day to add a class for the 2014 Fall Semester @
(All day)
09/03/14 Coffee Chat @ TBA
Wired Faculty - Directors & Others
09/10/14 Coffee Chat Come learn more about your peer mentors and the Champions Court II RAs! @ TBA
Wired Peer Mentors & CC II RAs
09/17/14 Last Day to Change Grading Option September 17 - Wednesday - Last day to change grading option (pass/fail to... @
(All day)
09/17/14 Last Day to Drop a Course-not appear on transcript September 17 - Wednesday - Last day to drop a course without it appearing on... @
(All day)
11/26/14 to 11/28/14 Thanksgiving Holiday - No Classes @
12/12/14 Last Day of Classes @
12/15/14 to 12/19/14 Final Exam Week @
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