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PhD Student in the Department of Geography, Research Assistant at the Center for Equality & Social Justice
Black geographies, Haitian Geographies, Feminist Geopolitics, Temporalities, Chronopolitics, Queer Theory
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Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
rural health, medical anthropology, maternal and child health, United States, Appalachia
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Instructional Pedagogy
355G Patterson Office Tower
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WRD Teaching Assistant
Sociolinguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Language and Culture, Chinese language and culture, Applied Linguistics, Historical Sociolinguistics
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Bioassessment, Computational Ecology, Integrating Science into Policy-Based Decision Making, Landscape Level Aquatic Ecology
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Associate Professor, Cognitive Neuroscience
Neurobehavioral mechanisms of learning, memory, and decision-making processes
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Teaching Assistant
1002 Patterson Office Tower
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PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
20th Century British Literature, Irish Literature, Modernist Poetry
Patterson Office Tower
amst257, amst257, amst257
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Manager, A&S Imaging Center
158C1 Jacobs Science Building
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Graduate Student
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Philosophy, minors in History and French
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1002 Patterson Office Tower
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Cultural Anthropology
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Instructor of Italian
20th & 21st Century Italian Poetry, Film Studies, Translation and Interpretation, The Intersection between Literature and Society
1027 Patterson Office Tower
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1305 Patterson Office Tower
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Anthropology Ph.D. Student
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Academic Advisor
202 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 218-5510
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Graduate Student
partial differential equations, Variational Image Processing
802 Patterson Office Tower
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Associate Professor of History and African American and Africana Studies
Latin American and Caribbean History, esp. Cuba (19th/20th century), Africana Studies, Afro-Latinx Studies, Transnational Black Feminisms, Afro-Latin America
POT 17th Floor, 1759 Patterson Office Tower
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Program Coordinator
1301 Patterson Ofc Twr