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Faculty & Staff Resources

Senior Lecturers

Faculty Should Submit To Their Department Chair:

Optional Items:

You are free to furnish your department chair with additional items as you and your department see fit. Such items might include (but are not limited to)

  1. A longer reflective statement on teaching
  2. All course syllabi for the period under review
  3. A discussion of instructional activities not covered in the Merit Evaluation Report for which you wish to be evaluated
  4. A covid-19 impact statement
  5. A diversity, equity, and inclusion statement


Online submission of FMER material to the Dean's Office

Department Chair's should submit FMER materials electronically following the online submission instructions and the instructions for creating a PDF portfolio

Portfolio #2 will be submitted via email to Sarah Lyon (cc: Teresa Smith) using Adobe PDF portfolios.  (Please see the ‘How to create a PDF portfolio’ document for instructions)

Each department should submit the following materials.

  1. Chair Rating Sheet Webform for each indivudal faculty member.
  2. Portfolio #2- The department evaluation report and the summary teaching form (without the course syllabi and TCE reports) for each individual faculty member.  Please use the naming convention (Last_First_Department_FMER_year). Portfolio #2 will be submitted via email to Sarah Lyon (cc: Teresa Smith) using Adobe PDF portfolios.

Note: The lecturer and the department should keep all copies of course syllabi, teacher course evaluations, and updated CV’s. Department chairs, in consultation with the faculty person under review, should develop a formal evaluation procedure to assess the effectiveness of a faculty member who has been assigned administrative duties within the department.