Promotion to Higher Rank

Tenured Faculty Eligibility for Promotion

A department can put up a tenured assistant or associate professor for promotion to higher rank in any year after the professor concerned receives tenure.  College guidelines intend that all tenured associate professors will go up for full no later than in the seventh or eigth year after receiving tenure, although this is not a requirement.  According to the University's Administrative Regulations, a tenured assistant or associate professor whose promotion to higher rank has not been considered by an Academic Area Advisory Committee for a period of six years can request a promotion review by September 1 of the seventh or a subsequent academic year. If such a request is initiated, the normal promotion procedure is followed, and a copy of the faculty member's request is attached to the dossier so that all committees and individuals examining the dossier are aware that the review has been initiated under this rule.  It is the responsibility of department chairs to notify faculty members who qualify under this rule that they do so before September 1st.  Refer to AR2-1-1 pages 6&7.

Promotion Dossier Contents

The deadline for receipt of promotion dossiers in the dean's office is Thursday, November 1, 2012.

The College requires a standard format for dossiers. For checklists of items that should be included in dossiers, see the links on this page.  For additional information about these items, see the links on this page to "Responsiblities of the Chair for P&T" and "Responsibilities of Faculty for P&T."  For a matrix of faculty who must or may write letters for different sorts of cases, see the link to "Matrix of Written Judgments" on this page.  The procedures to be followed in assembling promotion dossiers are delineated in AR2-1-1.


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