First year faculty member (Lecturer, Untenured, or Tenured)

New faculty in their first year (tenured or untenured) should submit the following to their department chair:


  1. Plan of Action; first year faculty should work with their chairs to submit a plan of action in each of the three major effort areas, teaching, research, and service. Each statement should give attention to goals of inclusion and diversity in the department, the college, the university, or your discipline. 
  • A statementof the expected and agreed upon (between chair and faculty member) teaching portfolio (classes) and a brief (one page maximum) reflective statement on teaching in general.
  • A brief (one page maximum) plan on meeting service obligations. (not required for lecturers)
  • A brief (one page maximum) research plan. (not required for lecturers)

New faculty should also provide their department chairs with copies of any current syllabi and their updated CV.


Online Submission of FMER material to the Dean's Office

Department Chair's should submit FMER materials electronically following the online submission instructions and the instructions for creating a PDF portfolio

Portfolio #2 will be submitted via email to Sarah Lyon (cc: Teresa Smith) using Adobe PDF portfolios.  (Please see the ‘How to create a PDF portfolio’ document for instructions)

Each department should submit the following materials.

  1. Chair Rating Sheet Webform for each indivudal faculty member.
  2. Portfolio #2- Departmental evaluation report and the plan of action.  Please use the naming convention (Last_First_Department_FMER_year) Portfolio #2 will be submitted via email to Sarah Lyon (cc: Teresa Smith) using Adobe PDF portfolios.

Note: The faculty and the department should keep all copies of course syllabi and updated CV’s.