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Hiring Procedures

Faculty Search Process

Faculty searches in the College of Arts and Sciences are managed through a series of Forms that help ensure each stage of the hiring process is thoughtful, intentional, and equitable. Please review the College's updated hiring procedures before initiating a faculty search. The process begins with the creation of a search committee that represents the department's diversity (in terms of race, gender, sexuality, rank, and areas of expertise) and the drafting of a position advertisement. The latter must allign with the hiring request pre-approved by the Dean's Office. This information should be submitted to the Associate Dean of Faculty by the Department Chair via Form A. Once Form A is approved, the Dean's Office will schedule a Search Committee meeting with the Associate Dean of Faculty to discuss faculty search procedures and best practices for insuring an inclusive and equitable faculty search process. We also encourage Search Committee members to reference the Office of Faculty Advancement's Faculty Hiring Guide; to look over relevant materials availalbe on the OFA's website; to complete the IEDE Office's Unconscious Bias Training; and to consult relevant AR's throughout the search process.

Once the search committee has reviewed the applications and selected their top eight candidates, including the three they wish to invite to campus, Form B should be submitted to the Associate Dean of Faculty. Prior to campus visits and interviews, the Search Committee Chair should be sure to share the Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing Faculty with department members.  Once the interview process is complete, the Department Chair should submit Form C, the Pre-Offer Approval Form, to the Associate Dean of Faculty. Prior to making an offer, the Department Chair should (a) discuss the salary with the Associate Dean of Faculty; (b) discuss start-up packages with the Associate Dean for Research; and (c) obtain a copy of the offer letter from the Dean's Office. Please note, faculty offer letters will now be drafted, with input from the chair, by the Dean's Office.

After an offer is accepted, forward the letter of acceptance and demographic worksheet immediately to the dean's office for all new appointments.  The material listed below should be submitted within 2 weeks after candidate has accepted the position. Please be sure to reference the New Faculty Onboarding Checklist. A copy of this document should be provided to the new faculty member.

  • Written judgments from the appropriate department faculty.
  • Official transcript of terminal degree earned.
  • A complete up-to-date vita.
  • A signed Affirmative Action Information form.
  • A letter giving the department chair's recommendation.
  • Teaching area assignment form.
  • If the appointment is above the rank of assistant professor, see the appropriate section on tenure review in the regular and special title series.