Grant Review

In an effort to increase the competitiveness of grant applications for extramural funding, the College of Arts & Sciences has a limited pool of funds to support a pre-submission grant application review by an expert outside of UK.  To be eligible, the PI must be an A&S faculty and the application must meet the following criteria: 1) be at least $250,000 in total costs, 2) be subject to the F&A (indirect) research rate, and 3) be ready to send to the reviewer at least 6 weeks before the submission due date.  The external reviewer will be selected by the PI and must have experience serving on a review panel for the targeted external funding agency. The selected external reviewer must agree to complete a full review using the funder’s review forms, which will be sent to the PI at least 4 weeks before the grant submission due date to allow for sufficient time to address the reviewer’s comments.

Up to $500 may be requested for the consulting fees for the external reviewer.  Requests for the pre-submission grant review funds may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed promptly.  Faculty should submit a letter to the ADR describing the nature of the request and relevant information on the proposed external reviewer. A letter of support from the faculty’s Department Chair is required.

Faculty are eligible to apply for funds for one pre-submission grant review each fiscal year.  Preference will be given to requests from untenured, tenure-track faculty or new investigators in any discipline.

To apply: please complete the following webform: