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Fellowship/Doctoral Dissertation Checklist

Send an Abstract or summary of your proposal to the A&S Pre-Award CGO. You will need to know:

  1. Where will your work occur?
  2. Your budget/justification. Your CGO can assist in building one for you.
  3. Send a link of your NSF program to your CGO.
  4. Your NSF ID. (CLICK HERE for instructions on how to request your NSF ID)
    • To establish an NSF ID you will need to know:
    1. First and Last name that should be listed on the account
    2. Work phone number
    3. Email for the account
    4. Last degree received
    5. Degree year
    6. Title of Proposal
  5. After you get an NSF ID, you will need to start your proposal in Fastlane. (NOTE: The person starting the proposal is automatically the PI at first. So if you as the student start the proposal you will need to add your faculty mentor and then do a change of PI. Your Pre-Award CGO can help.)
  6. Give your CGO SRO access to the proposal and then the CGO can get in Fastlane and assist with your submission. When you are ready the CGO can assist with your submission. (CLICK HERE for instructions on how to allow SRO access) (CLICK HERE for directions on NIH NRSA)  

Who To Contact:

Pre-Award Administration

For all questions prior to proposal submission, College Grant Officers are responsible for reviewing all proposals prior to submission to assure compliance with both University of Kentucky and sponsoring agency policies.
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