Faculty Mentoring and Support

The College of Arts and Sciences is working to create a community in which all students, faculty, and staff participate in an environment of openness and acceptance, and in which people of all backgrounds, identities, and perspectives feel welcome, safe, and able to thrive. We understand that intentionally fostering a culture of mentorship and faculty support is a collective responsibility and foundational to our College's long-term success. Faculty peer mentoring contributes to an enriched scholarly environment, an improved organizational climate, and enhanced collaborations in research, teaching, and faculty governance. A strong culture of mentoring leads to higher rates of faculty retention and a stronger connection to our scholarly disciplines and the institution. The College of Arts and Sciences is developing a comprehensive approach to faculty peer mentoring which includes training, resources, facilitated peer mentoring groups, departmental faculty peer mentoring policies, and writing groups. In addition, we encourage faculty to reference the materials provided by the Provost's Office of Faculty Advancement and the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.

To foster peer mentoring and supportive relationships among faculty, and to assist A&S Departments as they implement mentoring programs,  we are providing two workshops this semester to facilitate faculty mentoring.

How to Be an Effective Faculty Peer Mentor 

October 28, 3-4:30 pm, POT 245

Co-facilitated by Sarah Lyon and Karen Petrone

Faculty peer mentoring is proven to be beneficial for both mentors and mentees. It can foster new collegial relationships, develop research and teaching skills, improve work-life balance, and create opportunities to meet faculty from other departments or fields. However, it is not easy to build effective faculty mentorship without proper guidelines and appropriate structures that set clear, professional boundaries and accomplish concrete goals.

Please join Sarah Lyon, Associate Dean of Faculty, and Karen Petrone, Director of the Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences, for a workshop that will offer tips and provide resources and strategies to help interested faculty be effective faculty peer mentors.



How to Get the Mentoring You Need to Thrive in Your Faculty Career

November 30, 3-4:30 pm, POT 245

Feeling a bit lost as a new or not-so-new faculty member during this uncertain time? Our faculty peer mentoring programs can help. Research shows that faculty peer mentoring creates various benefits for mentees, including but not limited to higher research productivity, increased teaching proficiency, more robust networks and collegial relationships, better work-life balance, and higher career satisfaction.

Please join Sarah Lyon, Associate Dean of Faculty, and Karen Petrone, Director of the Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences, for a workshop to help you get the mentoring you need to thrive in your faculty career.