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William T. Bryan Professor of Hispanic Studies, Emeritus Professor
Modern Poetry, Modernismo, Caribbean Culture and Literature, Cuban History and Politics, Visual Culture
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Emeritus Professor
Algebra and Number Theory
703 Patterson Office Tower
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Peter P Bosomworth Professor
212D CPH
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spatial-temporal analysis of medical care availability, accessibility and utilization, telemedicine, application/assessment and allocation, infectious/contagious pandemic diseases, evolution of educational/religious landscapes of Detroit, historical geography of River Rouge, Michigan
851 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1112
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1761 P.O.T.
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Professor Emeritus
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Professor Emeritus
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Comparative politics (India, Iran) and International Relations (American Foreign Policy, International Economic Statecraft, International Bargaining and Negotiation, and National Security Policy)
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Emeritus Professor of Linguistics, Department of English
morphological theory and typology, morphological change, model-theoretic semantics, Indo-Iranian languages
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Professor Emeritus
715 Patterson Office Tower
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Professor Emeritus, Classics, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Emeritus
Early Christian Studies, Augustine, War and Peace in Early Christianity, Religion in America
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Emeritus Professor
Nuclear Physics
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Professor Emeritus
715 Patterson Office Tower
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Emeritus Professor
Critical Race Theory, sociology of health and illness, class and gender, social change and social movements, occupations and professions
112 Breckinridge Hall
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Emeritus Professor
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Professor Emeritus, Political Science
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Professor, CLP
Cognitive behaviors in animals
202-B Kastle Hall