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Professor Emeritus
logic in Western Europe from the Fifth to the Fifteenth century, Semantical theory of Donald Davidson, medieval logic, Asian Philosophy
1425 Patterson Office Tower, On Leave 2016-17
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Emeritus Professor of Education and Sociology
144B Taylor Education Building
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Emeritus Professor of Spanish Medieval Literature
Medieval Spanish Literature, especially brief narrative, Medieval historiography and geography, Relations between Classical Antiquity and the Middle Ages
1137 Patterson Office Tower
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1271 Patterson Office Tower
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Emeritus Professor
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Emeritus Professor
Algebra and Number Theory
703 Patterson Office Tower
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Associate Professor Emeritus
Biology Education, Plant Physiology
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Emeritus Professor
High-Energy Physics
Blazer Dining, 343 Martin Luther King Blvd., BL378
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Professor Emeritus
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Professor Emeritus
Law, Courts and Judicial Politics
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Professor Emeritus
715 Patterson Office Tower
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Associate Professor Emeritus
Wildlife Conservation, Endocrine Disruptors, Reproductive Endocrinology, Reproductive Biology
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Linda and Jack Gill Professor of Biology, Professor Emeritus
Mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing, ribonucleoprotein assembly, yeast and Drosophila Genetics, protein homeostasis and models of human disease
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Emeritus Professor, Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1964
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Professor Emerita of Chemistry
Systematics of packing in molecular crystals, Space-group frequencies, Pseudosymmetric and high-Z' structures, Sequences of phase transitions
148C Chemistry-Physics Building
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Professor Emeritus
discrete mathematics, mathematics education
967 Patterson Office Tower
859 257-1405
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Professor Emeritus
715 Patterson Office Tower
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Professor (Retired), Clinical; Developmental, Social, and Health
Self-regulation skills for pain management, Trigeminally-mediated pain, Religious and spiritual issues in risk behaviors
209 A Kastle Hall
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Emeritus Professor
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Professor Emeritus
Latin American Politics, U.S.-Latin American relations and comparative political behavior
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Professor Emeritus
971 Patterson Office Tower
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Professor, Russian Studies, Convener for Russian Studies
Russian language, Language Pedagogy, Pre-WWII Stalinist Culture
1041 Patterson Office Tower
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Emeritus Professor
Early modern Russia; art and architecture; Russian literature
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Professor Emeritus
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1761 P.O.T.
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Professor (Retired), Clinical
Detection of invalid approaches to testing
012-D Kastle Hall
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Professor Emeritus
Topology and geometry
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Professor Emeritus , In Memory of David Adams
analysis and partial differential equations
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Associate Professor, Retired
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Professor Emeritus
Laser Spectroscopy, Astrochemistry, Molecules in space, Reactive intermediates, Upper atmospheric chemistry, Photophysics, Combustion chemistry, Main group transient molecules and free radicals, Gas-phase ions, Mass spectrometry
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Professor Emeritus
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Retired Professor
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Emeritus Professor
Critical Race Theory, sociology of health and illness, class and gender, social change and social movements, occupations and professions
112 Breckinridge Hall
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Emeritus Professor of Sociology
Social inequality, Appalachian and regional studies, Sociological Theory, Sociology of Religion, Rural Poverty
1577 Patterson Office Tower
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Professor Emeritus
Algebra and Number Theory, coGalois theory of torsion free covers
715 Patterson Office Tower
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Professor Emeritus
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Emeritus Professor
Women's Literature and Gender Studies
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William T. Bryan Professor of Hispanic Studies, Emeritus Professor
Modern Poetry, Modernismo, Caribbean Culture and Literature, Cuban History and Politics, Visual Culture