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Department Assignments



Aerospace Studies Kyna Estes Christy Hall
African American & Africana Studies Kyna Estes Christy Hall
Anthropology Kyna Estes Austin LeSaux
Appalachian Center Kyna Estes Christy Hall
Biology Mary Boulton Melissa Cowan
Chemistry Mary Boulton Melissa Cowan
Earth & Environmental Studies Mary Boulton Melissa Cowan
English Kyna Estes Christy Hall
Gender & Women's Studies Mary Boulton Christy Hall
Geography Kyna Estes Linda Elmore
Hispanic Studies Kyna Estes Austin LeSaux
History Kyna Estes Christy Hall
Linguistics Kyna Estes Linda Elmore
Mathematics Kyna Estes Linda Elmore
Military Science Kyna Estes Christy Hall
Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures Kyna Estes Emily Howard
Philosophy Kyna Estes Austin LeSaux
Physics & Astronomy Mary Boulton Linda Elmore
Political Science Kyna Estes Emily Howard
Psychology Kyna Estes Austin LeSaux
Psychology - RCTF Kyna Estes Austin LeSaux
***CDART - Kim Reeder is the contact for post-award issues    
Sociology Kyna Estes Austin LeSaux
Statistics Mary Boulton Linda Elmore
Violence Against Women Kyna Estes Christy Hall
Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies Kyna Estes Christy Hall
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