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AWG Order Form

The University of Kentucky requires a business purpose for all requests. A business purpose is a statement that adequately describes the expense as a necessary, reasonable, and appropriate business expense. When using University funds, documentation of a clear business purpose is required so that an approver, reviewer and/or auditor may reasonably conclude and agree that the expenditure supports or advances the goals, objectives, and mission of the University. Providing a valid business purpose is a requirement for Uniform Guidance and University policy. The 5 “Ws” (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) can be used to determine if the documentation and business purpose meet the University standards.

Use this form to order general and specialized gases, dry-ice, and liquid nitrogen; to return empty gas cylinders; to request liquid nitrogen dewar refills; and more. In some situations, this form can only accomodate up to three (3) specific transactions (e.g. up to three gas orders and/or three liquid nitrogen refills, etc.). Submit as many forms as necesssary.

While employees of A&S are welcome to contact AWG with questions about products, pricing, and other general questions, the ASBC requires A&S employee to place orders through this form. Do not place orders directly with AWG. Doing so can cause errors with inventory, invoicing, and/or payment.

Note, AWG was previously known as Scott Gross.

Send an email with any questions about this form.

Please read before proceeding:

  • A business purpose and cost center/grant will be necessary for any transactions requiring charges. This does not include returning or transferring cylinders.
  • Compressed gas cylinders (tanks) and dewar rental fees range from $1 to $3 per month.
  • Each lab/account is responsible and liable for inventory and tracking of gas cylinders, returns, exchanges, etc. It is strongly encouraged that each lab develop a citable, thorough, and clear protocol for recording tank deliveries and returns. If AWG inquires about inventory, they will be deferred to each lab manager and/or lab members.
    • AWG tracks gas cylinders at UK by part number and AWG number. The cylinder’s barcoded AWG number on each tank is scanned according to the point of use (i.e. the lab) upon delivery and/or pick-up. This information can be provided on the invoice.
    • At the end of the month, a product invoice and a separate rental incoivce is sent to the A&S Business Center for each account. The rental invoice shows all the incoming and outgoing of the cylinders for the respective lab/account.
  • Upon placing an order, it is the lab representative's responsibility to arrange pick-up/exchange/delivery location(s) through the ASBC. If a specific location is not provided, the delivery location will default to the address associated with the account. Where necessary, a lab representative should available for the driver on the delivery date. This may require users to request/establish a date when submitting this form.
  • Rental fees charge per lab/account monthly until the tank returns to AWG and removes from the account. If a tank is lent to another lab, it remains on the original account, and continues to charge the rental fees there, unless this form is used to transfer the cylinder to another account.
  • In the case of insufficient funds for rental fees, tanks can transfer to another lab/account as agreed upon by the two labs or sent back to AWG, empty or otherwise.
  • The college does not assume the cost of lost/missing tanks. In some cases, departments do not assume the cost for lost/missing tanks. Please contact your department for their specific protocol.
  • Be advised, tanks must be stored and secured in the labs to which they are delivered or officially transferred.
  • AWG no longer leaves a receipt upon delivery. AWG sends delivery receipts by email to the address(es) associated with each account. Email asbc@uky.edu to request an update to associated email addresses.