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Award Close-Out

Will I receive notification that my grant is about to end?

The University of Kentucky Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) sends notifications to your departmental grant administrator of awards that will end in the next 90 days, 60 days, and 30 days, along with suggestions for considerations such as whether a time extension needs to be requested and moving employees off of the project. Additionally, OSPA sends a 90-days to close projection notice to the principal investigator as close as possible to that timeline so that you can monitor the funds remaining along with projected payroll. We recommend that you also create a reminder for yourself 60 to 90 days ahead of the termination date so that if a time extension is needed it can be requested more than 30 days in advance of project termination as required by most sponsors. You will want to work closely with your Post-Award Administrator for any close-out issues.

What happens if I can't finish my project on time?

In addition to regular monitoring of your project's progress you should be alert to the end date of the project and be working with your agency's program manager to ensure timely completion of the project. However, if delays occur you may request an extension from the agency through your Pre-Award College Grant Officer, providing justification for the extension and the requested new end date. Many agencies automatically allow the first request for a one-year no cost time extension, with any subsequent extensions requiring further justification and approval. Please note that the source of funds may have limitations precluding an extension.

Who to Contact:

Post-Award Administration

For all questions after your proposal has been awarded, the Post-Award Administration Staff is responsible for managing proposals that have been funded by a sponsoring agency.
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