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Appeals Process

A two-stage process, beginning at the college level and progressing to the Provost level, has been established for a faculty member who wishes to appeal his or her merit rating. The following procedures will be followed:

College-level appeal: If any faculty member wishes to appeal his or her merit rating, the appeal should be lodged in writing in the Dean’s Office.  The narrative part of the document should be substantial but not excessively long.  Anyone contemplating such an appeal is advised first to speak to his or her chair about any merit ratings to be disputed.

Campus-level appeal: Faculty members who wish to appeal the Dean’s decision may avail themselves of an appeals process at the Provost’s level. To initiate a campus-level appeal, a faculty member needs to state in a letter to Interim Provost DiPaola that he or she wishes to lodge a campus-level appeal and why. 

In summary, the deadlines for appeal of a merit rating are:

March 11, 2022           Approximate deadline for a faculty member to appeal at the college level.

April 4, 2022               Approximate completion date for college level appeals.

April 25, 2022             Approximate deadline for a faculty member to appeal to the Provost.