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Anthropological Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Slavic Languages, Sociolinguistics
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Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Language Perception, Inter-group communication
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Sociophonetics, Acoustics, Psycholinguistics, speech anatomy, communication sciences and disorders, language variation in public schools, Speech Perception
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PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
20 and 21st Century American Literature, Ecological philosophy, Environmentalism, Psychoanalysis, Critical Theory
1302 Patterson Office Tower
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M.S. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2019
100H1 JSB
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Chemistry Materials, Inorganic Chemistry
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Comparative US Latino and Whiteness Studies, Chicano Studies, activist anthropology, Training: United Farm Workers Intern Summer 2019
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Research Faculty
CP 225
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Teaching Assistant in Classics
1022 POT
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Associate Professor
Learning, Pigeons
211 Kastle Hall
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Graduate Student, Digital Mapping
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Social & Developmental Graduate Student; Advisor: Dr. Christia Brown
Stereotypes and Discrimination, Academic Outcomes
Bowman Hall 103
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Inorganic Nanomaterials, Materials, Solid State Chemistry
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Graduate Student
Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, KY
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Anthropology USP Student
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PhD, Department of Geography, Assistant Director, Academic Enhancement
306B Complex Commons
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Student
1722 Patterson Office Tower
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Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysics
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urban geography, Internet Geography, GIS, Geoweb, Science and Technology Studies, Urban Planning, Space
1422 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6956
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Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Language Pedagogy, Sociolinguistics
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102B Lafferty Hall, B-24 William T Young Library, 401 Hilltop Ave, Lexington, KY 40508
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PhD, Research Associate (KTC)
C240B Raymond Building
(859) 257-7504
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electron microscopy, Rational design of nanomaterials, materials science, in situ
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Graduate Student
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M.S. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2020
Drosophila oogenesis
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Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2017


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