Enrollment Management & Decision Support

Strategic planning and management of enrollment and instructional needs in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Main goals are: recruitment, retention, course scheduling, and data analysis.

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Please find links to the most commonly requested dashboards. 


Majors/Specialization Retention Enrollments
Specializations Headcount Retention by Department  Course/Section Capacity Reached
This dashboard shows the number of enrolled students in each Specialization (major, minor, option, specialty, or subspecialty). This page shows the counts of students who are retained/graduated at UK. This workbook allows users to monitor enrollments throughout the registration cycle. It provides a quick view of section and course enrollment percentages.
  5 Year Review - Graduation Course and Section Enrollment

This workbook is a table view of 5 year review of students - per major - on graduation rates, degrees awarded, and earned credit hours. 

This workbook allows users to monitor enrollments by course, date, and section. Users may select term and course by academic year.  The highlight selector allows you to focus on specific terms.

Class Rolls               _  Course Capacity Reached  Enrollment Histories

Low Enrollment Courses  Late Starting Courses  Summer Enrollments



Advising Programming
Missing Primary Instructor Advising Load           _  Learning Center Swipes  
This workbook identifies missing primary instructors in SAP. This workbook is primarily used for advisor assignments.  This workbook allows users to track tagger swipes and attendance in A&S Learning Centers, The Study, The Study North and Mathskeller. (may be used for other events)
Missing Grades              _  Faculty Advising List   LLP Demographics       _   
This workbook is designed to identify missing final grades. The "Missing Final Grade" tab shows all missing grades.   

Demographics and student detail of LLP students, including Academic Preparation, Major/Minor, Withdraws and Courses.






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